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By Kimberly Dawn Neumann


'Tis the season for house guests! Whether they're coming over for a party, a holiday hiatus, or a takeover of your home while you're out of town, you've likely got a human influx to deal with over the holidays. Don't get us wrong—we don't subscribe to that "Hell is other people" stuff (existentialists like Sartre were dark, man). We think having more people around can be a merry thing! But going hand in hand with all that merrymaking is the mess that they can make of your home.

Still, though, there's hope: With the right prep work, you can stave off many disasters and essentially guest-proof your house. Here are some tactics to protect your floors, furniture, and other valuables from harm. (Bonus: Many of these

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By Holly Amaya


Let's get real: Moving is stressful. And when you're busy finding a new place to live, selling your current home, and then packing up your entire life, selecting the crew who will move your stuff is likely last on your to-do list. That's ironic, because you'll be entrusting them with all your life's possessions.

Even if you manage to hook up with The Most Amazing Moving Company Ever, we can't promise bad stuff won't happen. But you can prevent some unnecessary duress if you have the right team in place. The process starts by schooling yourself in what not to do. Read on for the top mistakes people make when hiring a mover.

1. Waiting too long

So you wait until the weekend before your move to make those calls to

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As many workers return to the energy sector, it is warming for Albertan’s to see signs of improvement in the province’s economy. Improvements in the housing market usually trail surges in oilfield activity & the colder months. This gives us higher expectations for spring & summer 2018.

On the other hand, the federal government has once again tightened mortgage rules for all Canadians. Home buyers who will be affected by the new mortgage rules should consider whether or not buying before the New Year is in their best interest. Home sellers may also be affected by the new rules. If planning to upgrade, downsize or simply buy more real estate, they as buyers will now qualify for lesser mortgage amounts as well. Under the new rules, even home buyers

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By Daniel Bortz


Unless you’re going to build your dream home, you’ll probably have to make some compromises when it comes to the interior design. That’s why Northville, MI, real estate agent Daniel Gyomory always has his clients create a list of “must-haves” and “wants.” After all, “there’s no such thing as a perfect house,” he says.

Still, it’s easy to walk into a home and get distracted by flaws or minor repairs that need to be made. The stained shag carpet that causes you to pass on a house is relatively simple—and cheap—to fix.

"Cosmetic issues are a big problem for a lot of home buyers,” says Linda Sanderfoot, a real estate agent with Coldwell Banker. Things that might look like total deal breakers at first glance but

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By Liz Alterman


Home buyers often start their search with a long list of must-haves ... only to find they need to whittle it way down once they see what's within reach. Unless you're a bazillionaire, it's impossible to check all those boxes on the wish list. So, how do buyers decide what pieces of their dream (home) they're willing to hack off?

Imagine a triangle with price, location, and size/style/upgrades at each point. In most cases, you will have to be ready to give up on one of those three, says Dana Gonzalez, a Realtor® in Denville, NJ. “Expect to compromise. If you get 80% of what you want, you're lucky."

We asked experts to name some common concessions and offer words of wisdom—or warning—on how those trade-offs can play

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October reflects the average number of sales that we experienced in Red Deer throughout the summer, particularly in July. The active listing count is now following the typical downward trend as we enter the colder months, as sellers plan to pull down their for sale signs & string their Christmas lights. The average number of days to sell has dropped slightly as those happy buyers secure their new nests for the winter.

It will be interesting to see how the market will respond to even further mortgage changes to take place. Stress tests, used for approving high-ratio mortgages will be applied to all new insured mortgages – including those where the buyer has more than 20 per cent for a down payment. The stress test is aimed at assuring the lender

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By Adriana Velez


I moved in with my boyfriend this past summer. Before you imagine some cute recent college grad in her first adult relationship, no. I'm a divorced mom who had lived in the same Brooklyn apartment for nearly 20 years. And you can imagine what that means: I had some baggage. Literally!

I'm talking tons of stuff I had accumulated over the years, somehow crammed into my tiny space. And since my beau and I were merging assets into one apartment with minimal storage, that meant I'd have to let go of a lot of my possessions if I had any hope of making this cohabitation situation work.

All told, by the time I moved, I got rid of 50 garbage bags' worth of stuff (some of it given away, much of it trashed). And then, once

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By Jennifer Geddes


These reading nook ideas will make curling up with a good book all the more enjoyable. A designated chill zone filled with soft pillows and ample lighting is a wonderful addition to any playroom, hallway, or stairway landing. This small but significant amenity is also sure to appeal to buyers if and when you decide to sell your home.

"Any time a house is accessorized to make it family-friendly and more efficient, the home's value is increased in the eyes of buyers," says Denny Stotlemeyer, senior designer at Closet Factory.

It's time to use that neglected corner of the house and transform it into your new favorite place to unwind. Before you begin, keep these three design ideas in mind.

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By Holly Amaya


You just can't overestimate the effect your home can have on your mood. After all, it's where you try to relax after work, and to get jazzed up for a new day. But some surprising things in it might actually be bringing you down, without your realizing it.

Fortunately, a few quick fixes can reset your design—and your mood. You just have to know how to ID the problem spots. Ditch these home decor downers and turn your home into an invigorating space where you can really recharge.

1. A drab color palette

Neutrals can be sleek. But unless you've outfitted your apartment with all the trappings of a Kardashian (and let's be honest—you probably wouldn't be reading this if you had), it's time for a change.

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The average selling price for single family homes in Red Deer is $341,098, an improvement on the average three months ago in June, which was $336,170. While the median asking price for Alberta is $375,000, which means that Red Deer’s pricing is considerably better than the rest of the province if you're looking to buy. If you’re looking at investment properties in Red Deer, then you’re likely to find mostly higher priced homes on sale. If you’re looking for a large choice of properties on sale when you’re adding to your real estate investment portfolio, then Red Deer has a wide array compared to the rest of the province.

It’s always hard to tell what property prices will do over the coming months, but over the last three months, new properties

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