By Kimberly Dawn Neumann


'Tis the season for house guests! Whether they're coming over for a party, a holiday hiatus, or a takeover of your home while you're out of town, you've likely got a human influx to deal with over the holidays. Don't get us wrong—we don't subscribe to that "Hell is other people" stuff (existentialists like Sartre were dark, man). We think having more people around can be a merry thing! But going hand in hand with all that merrymaking is the mess that they can make of your home.

Still, though, there's hope: With the right prep work, you can stave off many disasters and essentially guest-proof your house. Here are some tactics to protect your floors, furniture, and other valuables from harm. (Bonus: Many of these…

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By Holly Amaya


Let's get real: Moving is stressful. And when you're busy finding a new place to live, selling your current home, and then packing up your entire life, selecting the crew who will move your stuff is likely last on your to-do list. That's ironic, because you'll be entrusting them with all your life's possessions.

Even if you manage to hook up with The Most Amazing Moving Company Ever, we can't promise bad stuff won't happen. But you can prevent some unnecessary duress if you have the right team in place. The process starts by schooling yourself in what not to do. Read on for the top mistakes people make when hiring a mover.

1. Waiting too long

So you wait until the weekend before your move to make those calls to…

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As many workers return to the energy sector, it is warming for Albertan’s to see signs of improvement in the province’s economy. Improvements in the housing market usually trail surges in oilfield activity & the colder months. This gives us higher expectations for spring & summer 2018.

On the other hand, the federal government has once again tightened mortgage rules for all Canadians. Home buyers who will be affected by the new mortgage rules should consider whether or not buying before the New Year is in their best interest. Home sellers may also be affected by the new rules. If planning to upgrade, downsize or simply buy more real estate, they as buyers will now qualify for lesser mortgage amounts as well. Under the new rules, even home buyers…

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