Step 1 - Agent Interviews & the Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)

There are hundreds of critical mistakes you can make when selling your home, however there is a universal cure for them all . . . qualifying and choosing the right agent. Ask your agent lots of questions to ensure their motives are in the right place and they have the ability to properly represent you. Furthermore, you need to find out if you are comfortable with this person's style of business.

In addition to an interview with an agent, have them look at your house and give you an idea of value. The agent will then assess the other homes in the area that are comparable to yours, make financial adjustments for the differences and give you an approximate value. This process is…

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Can you say, "flat market?" With minimal change in the economic climate, Red Deer’s sales activity totaled 124 units in June 2019, a 15 per cent decline from the June 2018, well below long-term averages, & with a 37.7 per cent decrease over the last four years. There was a pullback in sales across all product types, leaving supply levels high, resulting in persistent oversupply & continued price reductions. The average selling price comes in at just $311,344 an 11.6 per cent decline over the last four years. With July upon us, prepare for a quiet couple of months, as the kids are free, families are travelling & enjoying the very sporadic amount of sun we're seeing this summer.

If possible, potential buyers may want to take advantage of the market…

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