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In today's market, it's more important than ever to price your home right. We know how to price your property to make sure it sells. Nobody wants to lose money on their investments. With Century 21, you can be sure we'll sell your home efficiently & for top dollar.

Market Analysis Explanation

This is an explanation and overview of this market analysis. Our Comparative Market Analysis will help to determine the correct selling price of your home. Ultimately, the correct selling price is the highest possible price the market will bear.

The market analysis is divided into three categories:

1. Comparable homes that are currently for sale

2. Comparable homes that were recently sold

3. Comparable homes that failed to sell

Looking at similar homes that are currently offered for sale, we can assess the alternatives that a serious buyer has from which to choose. We can also be sure that we are not under pricing your home.

Looking at similar homes that were sold in the past few months, we can see a clear picture of how the market has valued homes that are comparable to yours. Banks and other lending institutions also analyze these sales to determine how much they can lend to qualified buyers.

Looking at similar homes that failed to sell, we can avoid pricing at a level that would not attract buyers. Our Comparative Market Analysis is carefully prepared for you, analyzing homes similar to yours. The aim of the pin-point market analysis is to achieve the maximum selling price for your home, while being able to sell your home within a relatively short period of time.

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