Client Testimonials & Thank Yous 

Ricardo Adorable - June 2016

Jennifer Orr - September 2017

Marcel Pare - April 2016

James Turner - September 2016

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Robyn Darling - Mortgage Specialist - The Place to Mortgage - August 2016

Melinda Krulicki - March 2017

Candace Carriere - May 2017

When we were ready to find a home here in Red Deer I contacted Jay to represent us. I can say that in 3 decades of home purchases I have never been this stress free. Everything was handled and booked by Jay and his team. Negotiations, Jay thank you for an amazing job! Mortgage, Robyn thanks for a great rate and a painless process. Inspection, Dustin thank you for an amazing and thorough inspection and report! I highly recommend this team to anyone wishing to purchase a home, a truly stress free process.

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Tony Preston - March 2017

Charmie Liquit - September 2016

Cody Neufeld - November 2016

Peter Vaessen - August 2016

Dustin Longpre - Owner, Buyer's Choice Home Inspections - August 2016

Dan Mackie - August 2016

Jay is very knowledgeable, and provides quality, & professional service.

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Abi Ogunj - May 2016

Jay McDouall did a great job, very personable, very knowledgeable with what is happening in the area and discussed how we should handle our sale because there were 5 others in the building for sale for quite some time. Job well done Jay!

Marcel Pare - August 2017

Margaret Lacasse - June 2016

Scott Dellinger - April 2016

Kyilee Turre - January 2018