These reading nook ideas will make curling up with a good book all the more enjoyable. A designated chill zone filled with soft pillows and ample lighting is a wonderful addition to any playroom, hallway, or stairway landing. This small but significant amenity is also sure to appeal to buyers if and when you decide to sell your home.

"Any time a house is accessorized to make it family-friendly and more efficient, the home's value is increased in the eyes of buyers," says Denny Stotlemeyer, senior designer at Closet Factory.

It's time to use that neglected corner of the house and transform it into your new favorite place to unwind. Before you begin, keep these three design ideas in mind.

1. Consider placement

Photo by JWT Associates

Look for an unused, quiet spot in your home when deciding where to install a book nook.

"Under a set of stairs, near a bay window, or in an upstairs loft or mezzanine are all good places for a little reading spot," says Julie Green, a designer at Closet Factory.

"A reading nook near a window allows for great natural light, but you could also fill the end of a too-large hallway with a comfy bench for this purpose," adds Deborah Maurer, another Closet Factory designer.

Other little areas that can be transformed into book nooks? An unused closet (just take the door off the hinges) or a nonworking fireplace. Just add a plush rug and a stack of must-reads.

2. Spring for built-ins


If custom built-ins are within your budget, a book nook is a nice place to splurge.

"Reading corners with drawers and shelves are stylish and functional," points out Matt Michaels, a Lowe's spokesperson in Charlotte, NC. All that extra storage space can be used to hold blankets and other snuggly accessories.

If you can spare the space, try to build out your reading nook and bookshelves by a large window so you don't have to spend a dime on light fixtures.

Design the bookshelves to surround a deep bench seat with a cushion, says Carole Marcotte of Form & Function in Raleigh, NC. You can even have a cushion and pillows for the bench seat custom-made with your favorite fabric.

3. Style it right

Photo by Ana Williamson Architect

Natural light is a plus, but task lighting in the form of swivel sconces or a set of overhead tracks is stylish. You can also plug in a floor lamp or gooseneck table lamp depending on what the space allows. For a whimsical touch, string up twinkle lights you might be storing away for the Christmas season.

The key to the perfect reading nook is to blend style and comfort, so consider including pillows and throws in coordinating colors and patterns.

"A big floor pillow is a sophisticated alternative to the casual beanbag look," says Marcotte. Moroccan-style poufs are also a trendy alternative.

Remember, the more storage the better, so throw in an oversize basket or a rack to hold newspapers and magazines.

“And don’t forget to place a pair of cheater readers nearby for added convenience,” suggests Erika Lee, interior decorator and owner of Decorating Den Interiors in Loveland, OH.